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8 Best Scholarships for Study Abroad Aspirants from India

study abroad consultants in india

study abroad consultants in india

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is famous for its spices, monuments and also its natural beauty. India has the world’s largest population with half of them under the age of 25. But do you know this country plays a main role in providing around 1.8 million study abroad aspirants to the world? Thus, this country ranks in the top 5 nations which source students to study abroad.

To help with it, the best consultants for study abroad in India aid the students with all possible needs. These requirements include visa application documents, test training or finding scholarships. Out of it the main issue faced by an Indian student is finding reliable financial aid to study overseas. This issue can be overcome with the help of the best scholarships that are available for the Indian students.

Best Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Overseas

To ensure financial stability, many scholarships are running for the students. The top study abroad consultants in India help them with this issue by conveying various financial aid. Here are 6 best scholarships for these students from various organizations:

1. Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship:

This scholarship is a merit and need-based fellowship. This aid is given to an Indian student who has very good marks in their studies. Also, the student wants to pursue a master’s degree in the US. The duration for this fellowship is 1-2 years.

It only applies to a few areas of study. These include economics, public health, and many more. The preference needs a bachelor’s degree with 55%, 3 years experience, and community service. The benefits include getting J-1 visa support and funds for tuition and living. Accidental and sickness coverage as per the guidelines of the US government.

2. National Overseas Scholarship:

This was one of the famous scholarships in 2023 by the Indian government. It only belongs to the minority sections of India. These sections include Scheduled Castes, Landless Agricultural labourers and Traditional Artisans. The areas of study should be in the fields of medicine, pure sciences finance and accounting.

The preference for this aid must include at least 55% of the last academic degree. The age of the study abroad aspirants should be less than 35 years. Also, they should not have more than one sibling. The family income should not be more than 6,00,000 INR.

3. Cornell University Tata Scholarship:

Tata Education and Development Trust runs this Scholarship. It is a need-based scholarship. It is only applicable to Cornell University. Every year the trust chooses 20 scholars. They provide funds till the 8th semester.

The eligibility for this aid is that the study abroad aspirants must have 70% marks in school. Also, they should not have any year gap. Along with this, they must score 100 in TOEFL as well as 7 band scores in IELTS.

4. Chevening Scholarship:

The government of the UK offers this scholarship to foreign students including India. With this aid, you can opt for a one-year post-graduation degree. The scholarship is also based on merit. Also, the preference for this aid is work experience for 2 years.

Also, the study abroad aspirants should return home country once their tenure is over. This scholarship covers your tuition fee, cost of living as well as airfare for up to a year.

5. Canada Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship only applies to a PG degree at a Canadian University. The goal of this aid is to find upcoming leaders. They will be the people who have the potential to motivate others. Also, this aid is based on merit. To apply for this, you need to submit a written report about your to society as well as your past grades. The best consultants for study abroad in India also suggest this scholarship to the students willing to go to Canada.

6. Griffith Remarkable Scholarship:

This fellowship is on the basis of your merit. It is only relevant at Griffith University. Thus, you can only apply for UG and PG degree programs at this institute via this aid. The basis for applying to this institute is that the students should have 70% or above in their past grades. This financial aid covers about 50% of the tuition fees as well as other study expenses.

7. AAUW International Fellowship

This aid is given by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to women only. The goal of this fellowship is to aid equity as well as learning among girls. More than 3,600 women from more than 150 countries have been given this scholarship over the past few years. It is a merit-based fellowship. The preference is given to non-US women only. But they should have proof of English skills. The best consultants for study abroad in India suggest this aid to the girls who want to pursue their PG degree in the US.

8. The Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship

It is only applicable in the country of Germany to pursue a graduate, master’s or PhD. Also, around 1500 scholarships are given yearly to students with nice academic records. The firm prefers students to be actively intent to their fundamental values. Some of them are ecology and sustainability as well as democracy and human rights. Students with very good study records are usually preferred for further learning. Also, those who have proof of German language expertise, are more preferable for the same.


The above-discussed scholarships are a few of the top aids given to abroad aspirants from India. Also, various firms offer this financial aid. These organizations include the government of the US and India as well as other institutes. These aids help to cover tuition fees, cost of living as well as other expenses. It also aids in getting visa support and covers for losses. Thus, these are the grants that the  top study abroad consultants in india should suggest to the students for their bright future.