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Top 8 Universities to Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most highly urbanized nations in the world. It is also known as the “Land Down Under”, derived from its position in the Southern Hemisphere. As per the government data, around 1,00,009 Indian students went to study in Australia in 2022. The institutes of Australia give learning in many courses. Some of the famous courses are Engineering, Medicine, and Business. They also teach Law, Psychology and Tourism. But why should you prefer Australia over other countries? Let’s learn more about the place.

Reasons Why to Study in Australia?

Many pros the students in this country can get. These profits are not only for the domestic students but are also for the abroad students. Thus, this helps the nation to become famous in the overseas learning field. Here are a few reasons why study in Australia is getting famous:

1. Cost Effective Living:

In Australia, the cost of living and tuition fees are 40-60% less than in the US or the UK. Many scholarships are running for study abroad aspirants from other nations. Also, this will aid in lowering the cost for a new student living in this country.

2. Emerging Destination:

The country has grown as the third most famous nation for overseas learning in recent years. Many abroad students opt to study in Australia due to the diverse culture present here. Also, due to the friendly natives of the nation. The institutes all over this nation give better learning programs.

3. Work Permit:

In Australia, students from abroad can work while studying. They can also join a part-time job. Thus, they can gain experience in their field of interest. The time duration of the work permit for abroad students is 20 hours per week.

4. Global Recognition:

The Australian institutes have global acceptance for their teaching quality. They are also famous for their developments in techniques and other factors. Overseas students who study in Australia can easily be sought out. Thus, this helps these students to get recognition globally and to get into a better job option in future.

Which Are the Top 8 Universities of Australia?

As discussed above are the reasons why you should opt for Australia to study abroad. Now, you should learn about the top institutes in this country for higher studies. The following institutes are the best to study in Australia:

1. University of Melbourne:

The University of Melbourne is ranked 37th in the list of top institutes in the globe. It is the 2nd oldest university in Australia. Also, it is the oldest in the state of Victoria. This institute gives the best learning quality in 10 main fields. A few of them are education, fine arts and music as well as agricultural sciences.

2. Monash University:

The global ranking of Monash University across the world is 54th. It is the 2nd oldest institute in the state of Victoria in Australia. It is also the largest institute in the country. Students can choose from more than 6,000 courses across 10 faculties. Some of these faculties consist of IT, education, economics and business.

3. University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney is one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutes. It also ranked 60th in the worldwide ranking of institutes in the year 2024. It is famous in various fields. Sports-related subjects, pharmacy, as well as engineering are some of them.

4. Australian National University:

ANU is one of the best research institutes in Australia. This institute is located in the capital city of Canberra. Among their alumni are 6 Nobel Prize winners as well as 2 prime ministers of Australia. They also offer top-notch quality learning in small sizes classes.

5. The University of Queensland:

The University of Queensland stood 70th in world rankings. UQ is also home to the world’s longest-running scientific-practical, the Pitch Drop. This was created by Physics Professor Thomas Parnell in 1927. This practical shows how daily things can show unique effects. The fields in which UQ is better than other institutes are physical sciences and life sciences.

6. University of Adelaide:

In the world institute ranking, the University of Adelaide stands 111th. The institute consists of over 29,000 students from more than 100 countries across the globe. This institute is also famous for its best learning in nursing and sciences.

7. The University of Western Australia:

The University of Western Australia ranked 143rd in the world institute rankings in 2024. It is located in the city of Perth. This city is the cheapest city to live in for a study abroad students in the state. Perth is also a city of growth and opportunity. Also, the state has one of the best-performing economies in the world. The institute is also well known for its teaching of law.

8. University of Technology Sydney:

University of Technology Sydney stood 148th in world institute rankings in 2024. UTS is also one of the top 10 institutes in Australia. It is also one of the top 10 young institutes in the world. The study here includes design, arts and health.


Hence, it can be said that Australia is one of the best places for overseas learning. As per the reports of India in 2022, the country stood 4th on the list of famous abroad study places. Due to its several profits, the institutes in the country are top-notch and well-kept. There are many reasons why study in Australia to justify it. Thus, this puts the institutes of the country in the list of top 100 world institute rankings in 2024.