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10 Safest Nations in the World to Study Abroad for Indore Students

Education consultants in Indore

Education consultants in Indore

As per the Indian Ministry of Education, around 1.8 million students travel abroad for higher studies. Out of which, Indore is becoming a growing contributor to the total pool of these aspirants. Indore is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, a central state of India. ‘Mini Mumbai’ is another name for this city due to its busy life. Students from this city who are willing to learn abroad are looking for the safest nations to study abroad. This is because the crime rates in various countries are very high. Thus, this leads to the fear of the event of crime around these students. The education consultants in Indore also help these aspirants to find a country that is safe as well as career-oriented for the students.

Which Countries Are Safe to Study Abroad?

Many countries are safe for higher studies. These nations have various aspects that make them one of the safe places to study. These factors include the global peace rate, crime rate as well as happiness index. Thus, based on them, here are the 10 safest nations for study abroad:

1. Switzerland:

This country is famous for being a very safe and peaceful country. The nation stands at the top of the safe countries for abroad students to study. The global peace index of Switzerland is 1.357. Also, the happiness index is 7.571, indicating the low stress level among the people living here. As well as the country’s crime rate reduced to 21.62%. Thus, this makes the nation more peaceful.

2. Austria:

The country is located in the central part of Europe. Due to its lower tuition fees, the nation is one of the most preferable countries for students via education consultants in Indore. Based on various aspects, Austria stands 2nd in the most safe country for studies. The global peace index is 1.300 as well as the happiness index is 7.268. Also, the crime rate is 25.54%.

3. Denmark:

The global peace index of the country is 1.296. Also, the happiness index here is 7.62. This makes the country with the lowest stress level among the people. Also, the crime rate in the nation is 26.22% only. These factors help the nation to become one of the top places to study abroad for students via study abroad consultants Indore.

4. Germany:

Germany is one of the growing nations for overseas studies. This is because of the free education for both local and foreign aspirants. Thus, it is opted by the aspirants for higher studies. Due to its lower cost of living. The global peace index here is 1.462 and the happiness index is 7.155. Also, the crime rate is around 35.79%. The country also has a wide range of scholarships for overseas aspirants.

5. Canada:

Canada is famous for its heart-warming welcoming of study-abroad aspirants. The country stands in the 5th position in the list of safest nations to study abroad in the world. This is because of various factors. These include the global peace index of 1.389 and the happiness index of 7.103. It also includes a crime rate of 41.89%. The country is also famous for its quality of learning and research.

6. New Zealand:

It is a country with very low conflicts between the local and overseas students. The country is famous for its good work-life balance, great income as well as learning. The global peace and happiness indices for the nation are 1.269 and 7.085, respectively. Also, the crime rate in the country is up to 42.88%.

7. Ireland:

This country is the most friendly nation in the world. The global peace index here is 1.288 as well as the crime rate is reduced to 45.51%. Also, the happiness index in the country is 7.085. It is one of the safe countries for education consultants in Indore to suggest study abroad aspirants.

 8. Singapore:

With global peace and happiness indices of 1.326 and 6.377, respectively, the nation stands 8th in this list. Also, the crime rate in this country is around 27.96%. This can attained by the adaptation of strict legal rules all over the nation. Also, Singapore is the only Asian country to get recognition as a global place for abroad studies.

9. Japan:

Japan is famous as the best technologically advanced country in the world. The global peace index of the country is 1.336. While its happiness index is around 5.94. Also, the crime rate here is 22.19%. Thus making the country stand in 9th rank on the list of safest nations to study abroad in the world.

10. Malaysia:

Malaysia is a mixture of all things good, with cheaper tuition fees, lower cost of living and safe surroundings. The country portrays a rich and diverse culture with friendly locals. Here, the global peace index is 1.471 as well as the happiness index is 5.384. Also, the crime rate is the highest among the other top countries, which is 57.29%.


These are the countries that are most safe compared to the other nations for foreign studies. Various factors suggest which country is secure for you. These aspects mainly include the global peace index, happiness index as well as crime rate of the nation. These places are not only safe and secure. But also have a better quality of learning and research. These factors make these nations the top places for higher education. Thus, as per the study abroad consultants Indore, these countries are some of the best places for overseas learning.