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Know Why Study in Canada Is a Popular Choice

Know Why Study in Canada Is a Popular Choice with

Every year, thousands of students come to Canada for higher education. The country is known to be one of the best places to study abroad. It offers good qualities for scholars to learn and study in top colleges. Not only this, study in Canada is also affordable for scholars, with lower tuition fees than other nations. So, get ready to start a journey of exciting options and personal growth with this article.

 Why Is Canada a Top Choice? 

The country has many institutes offering courses in different fields. As one of the most developed nations globally, Canada has a high standard of living for their citizens. People from parts of the world come to pursue education here. It is known for their friendly and welcoming nature. When you apply to study in Canada, know that they have over 200 plus private and public colleges. There are a lot of reasons why the nation is liked by students when studying abroad. Take a look at the points below.  

 Affordable Tuition Fees

 The unique and great perk of studying in Canada is low tuition costs. Studying in this nation not only provides quality education but it has reasonable costs. Although, the fees might differ according to the course you pick. However, it is still more reasonable than in other countries. Thus, it is a relief for students to reach their other basic needs.

 Skill Development

Education is not limited to classrooms, learning something beyond them gives you skills that are vital in student life. These skills prepare students for the real world. Canada has a system called cooperative work. It provides jobs in the same field as the scholar’s pursuing subject. This is the first step to prepare them for the real world. Thus, Co-op is a need when you study in Canada, many colleges also offer these programs for scholars.

Earn while Studying

Also, in cooperative work, students can work part-time for 20 hours a week in or outside college. Further, during summer and semester breaks they can work full-time. Working when scholars are studying makes them more reliable and provides real-life experience. So, when they study in Canada, working in any job is normal. Thus, this provides scholars to be not limited to their fields.

 English Speaking Country

 Another reason to study here is that it has two native languages, English and French. As most of the population speaks English, it is simple to connect with people. Many colleges teach in it, which helps students enhance their language skills. This removes the barrier for scholars who study in Canada, helping them learn more easily. Since English is an official language in many countries, students must ensure to learn it.

 Focus on Research and Development

Most colleges offer programs that focus on research. Allowing students to be a part of science and culture-focused projects. They can take part in activities and gain academic experience. Canada is famous for bringing positive results on research-based change globally. The government also funds this research to bring a positive view to society. Thus, this creates more academic opportunities for students.

 Canadian Tech Wave

The country had one of the best tech changes in the last years. Toronto is known as the tech hub. It offers incredible options to students pursuing IT in college. These programs can help them before they enter this world. They believe in making scholars aware of the new changes globally.


 With these qualities, Canada also gives scholarships to overseas students. For decades, scholars have been migrating to Canada to get higher studies. The country provides amazing options to them who wish to study here. Given below are two programs giving these perks to their scholars.

 Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

This program allows overseas students and Canadian scholars with merit-based scholarships. The province of Ontario and the University of Toronto gives this benefit to students. Most scholars apply for this program to study masters in Canada or a PhD in specific courses.

 Humber College International Entrance Scholarship

A program in Canada provides full and half tuition fees to overseas students. However, to get this scholarship the scholars must have a minimum score of 6.5 in grade 12 or college. They also give direct opportunities to high school graduating students.


In conclusion, this article talks about Canada being a popular choice for students to study abroad. Programs such as bachelor’s have a wide range of courses available for scholars. However, pursuing a master’s to study in Canada is more common compared to others. Usually, countries offer study abroad options for masters and PhD. A study abroad experience makes a scholar creative and open-minded. In this article, you get details of the country’s qualities, way of living and standard education. And also about the scholarships they offer for scholars. So, whatever course you choose such as a bachelor’s, diploma, or masters in Canada holds a different criterion.