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Explore 5+ Best Countries to Study Abroad with Indian Experts

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The students dream of pursuing higher education in another country is hindered. But the concern of the parents is the safety of their child. While selecting your destination, you must research the crime rate and peace index. After all, you would be thousands of kilometres away from your loved one, making another country your home and peace. So, safety must be the priority when deciding to study abroad. Many countries in the world provide high-class education infrastructure, but the study abroad consultants in India have a list of the top 7 safest places

Top 7 Safest Country for Overseas Education

The idea of study abroad is very fascinating for youngsters. Making this decision is not easy as there are many things to consider, from budget to safety; from choosing the right place to selecting a scholarship. This article contains the list with reference to the global peace index. Have a look


The level of peace in Ireland has changed drastically. In 2021, it was ranked eleventh, but in 2023, it is on the third rank in the world. There is little to no threat of communal riots or terrorism. After becoming a member of the EU, it becomes a power economy. The Irish institutes specialize in fields like natural sciences, economics and humanities. Ironically, the breathtaking landscape (cliffs and country roads) can be a safety risk to the Irish people. Moreover, brands like Google, Pfizer and Dell have settled in the country clearing your employment path.

New Zealand

NZ is becoming a popular study abroad destination. It is the country that the students are preferring for their higher education. Even it stands at #4 in the Global Peace Index report of 2023. Also, it is in the South Pacific Ocean near Australia which makes it incredible. Around one lakh students fly to this nation every year in order to complete their studies. There is a wide range of courses that NZ offers. In addition, it has many exchange programs with American colleges. The quality of life and education is so high that you will not think of leaving the course and country incomplete. If you are an aspiring student from any of the Indian states, then you must search for study abroad consultants in India, they will help you find the perfect match.


Canada saw around 5.5L international students from 184 countries as per the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data for the year 2022. Out of these, 1.83L students were Indian students. The student choosing Canada as their study abroad destination is very common. Just because it provides flexible and quality education, it is a top preference. Also, as per the U.S. News & World Report 2022, Canada is in third place for the best quality of life. Since this generation is looking towards a better quality of life, the country is welcoming many scholars. As it is home to many Indian students, you will not feel alienated.


It is in the heart of Western Europe. Germany is seeing a rise in the number of Indian students. Also, it is #15 in the Global Peace Index of 2023. The study abroad aspirants do not have to worry about the safety, security and peace here. It dedicates a huge amount of its annual budget to its education system. Hence, the public universities do not charge any tuition fees. The admission process is quite complex when it comes to public universities. However, you only have to pay administration fees in the range of €300 to €500. You can consult the best study abroad consultants in India to ease the process.


It is one of the top five nations that students are choosing to pursue their higher education. In addition to this, Australia is at 22nd rank in GPI of 2023. The main reason for opting the continent as a study destination is cost-effective education. Over 1000 scholarship options are available to secure for scholars. Also, the acceptance rate is very high (90% and above). The study abroad aspirants can choose courses like MBA, Law, Nursing, and Computer Science.

United Kingdom 

The UK provides world-class education with a great standard of living. Now, talking about the GPI 2023, it stands at #37, so it is also safe for the students willing to move to the United Kingdom. It is home to high-ranked universities as per the country’s size. You are expected to take responsibility for developing your critical thinking. However, it is different here, but it will encourage you to learn better. If you want to stand out, then you should seek help from study abroad consultants in India. They will help you to lead the way towards a prestigious institute.


The students prefer France for study abroad because of the famous spots like the Eiffel Tower, remarkable French life, and relatively low tuition fees. Also, it is in the top 70 countries in the Global Peace Index of 2023. Many universities are ranked in the global indices. France serves every taste not only in cuisine but also in environments like rivers, mountains, bustling urban cities and many more.


In this article, you get to know the safest cities where you can go to pursue your higher education. You must seek expert advice from the best study abroad consultants in India to know the perfect match for your academic profile. One such consultant is They will become your buddies in your academic journey from ideation to execution.