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Unlocking Investment Potential: What You Need to Know About 360 One

360 ONE Mutual Fund

360 ONE Mutual Fund


In the finance industry trusting a Mutual Fund scheme can be difficult. It is necessary to understand the Asset Management Company (AMC) it belongs to. The 360 ONE Mutual Fund has emerged as an investor’s first choice in the past few years. This fund house puts great emphasis on delivering consistent returns for its investors.

Let us talk a little more about this AMC.  It was established on March 23, 2011. It is led by a team of experts having years of financial experience in the industry.

This article will cover the basics regarding this Mutual Fund house. We will study the numerous advantages and reasons for choosing this fund house. Let us start the observations by identifying the benefits of this Mutual Fund.


There are numerous advantages to investing in this Mutual Fund house. Some of these pros are as follows:

Adaptability to Market Trends

This fund house is designed to respond to shifting market trends, keeping the fund dynamic and sensitive to evolving economic and industry situations.

Diverse Investment opportunities

The fund house provides a wide choice of investment opportunities across multiple industries, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and effectively disperse risk.

Comprehensive Approach

360 ONE MF takes a comprehensive approach to investing, considering a wide range of factors that can influence the market. This comprehensive strategy seeks to capitalize on opportunities across multiple segments.thereby adding to the fund’s overall performance.


Selecting a Mutual Fund house to start an investment journey with is a difficult task. Here are some important aspects to be kept in mind at the beginning of investments:

Experienced Fund Managers

360 ONE MF is led by skilled experts such as Mr. Mayur Patel and Mr. Milan Mody, who bring extensive knowledge and experience in finance and fund management.

360-degree approach

The fund takes a comprehensive approach, considering a wide range of market and financial factors. This comprehensive approach seeks to capture opportunities across multiple sectors and topics.

Diversified Portfolio

With 360 ONE MF, investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in various power and energy-related sectors. This diversity spreads risk and maximizes profits.

Long-Term Wealth Creation

The fund is intended for long-term investors seeking capital appreciation over a prolonged time. This is consistent with the idea of compounding wealth over time.

Emphasis on Growth Sectors

By focusing on oil, gas, electricity, power-related services, and green energy, the fund aligns itself with the evolving energy market.Future Growth Prospects

The fund is well-positioned to benefit from India’s developing energy industry, government efforts, and the global transition to renewable energy.


MR Mayur Patel (Equity Fund Manager)

MR Mayur Patel is the senior executive with an overall 18 years of experience in this finance. He is a financial specialist with degrees such as Chartered Accountant and CFA, demonstrating his knowledge of money concerns. Before joining them, he excelled in handling financial issues at DSP BlackRock Investment Managers. Where he managed portfolios for funds such as the DSP BlackRock Equities Savings Fund and MIP Fund. He also worked as a Lead Analyst at Spark Capital. And helped with operations at Tata Motors and CRISIL. Following are some 360 ONE Mutual Fund schemes managed by him:

  • 360 ONE Flexi Cap Fund
  • 360 ONE Balanced Hybrid Fund


360 ONE Focused Equity Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to provide long-term capital appreciation for investors through a portfolio of equities and equity-related securities.

Fund house name: 360 ONE MF

Category: Equity Focused

CAGR: 16.23%

Benchmark: S&P BSE 500 TRI

360 ONE Dynamic Bond Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to create income and long-term returns by investing in various debt and money market securities with varying maturity.

Fund house name: 360 ONE MF

Category: Debt Dynamic Bond

CAGR: 6.74%

Benchmark: CRISIL Dynamic Bond

360 ONE Liquid Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to provide liquidity with sufficient returns in exchange for minimal risk via a portfolio of money market and debt securities with remaining maturities of up to 91 days.

Fund house name: 360 ONE MF

Category: Debt Liquid

CAGR: 6.07%

Benchmark: CRISIL Liquid Fund BI Index

360 ONE Flexi-cap Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to create long-term capital appreciation by investing mainly in equities and equity-related assets across the market capitalization range, with the remainder invested in debt and money market instruments.

Fund house name: 360 ONE MF

Category: Equity Flexi-cap

CAGR: 24.0%

Benchmark: S&P BSE 500 TRI

360 ONE Balanced Hybrid Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to generate long-term capital appreciation or income by investing in equity and debt securities.

Fund house name: 360 ONE MF

Category: Hybrid dynamic asset allocation

CAGR: 8.82%

Benchmark: Nifty 50 Hybrid Composite Debt 50:50 Index


Long-Term Capital Seekers

This Mutual Fund may appeal to investors looking for capital appreciation over a long period. The fund is intended for long-term investors seeking to accumulate money over time.

Investors with High-Risk Tolerance

Given the possible volatility in the energy and financial markets, investors with a higher risk tolerance may be better suited to the 360 ONE Mutual Fund. The fund’s emphasis on growth industries may result in better returns but at a higher risk.

Diversification Seekers

Individuals wishing to diversify their investment portfolio across multiple industries within the energy theme may find this Mutual Fund attractive. The fund’s strategy of investing in oil, gas, electricity, power-related services, and green energy offers diversification benefits.


In conclusion, 360 ONE Mutual Fund is an appealing choice in the financial environment. With a solid base and a dedication to providing consistent returns to investors.

The primary advantages of investing in 360 ONE MF are its capacity to adjust to market changes, a wide range of investment choices, and a thorough methodology considering many market conditions. The fund’s focus on growth industries, overseen by skilled fund managers, makes it a compelling option for long-term wealth accumulation.

Additionally, it has offered an online Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) for its users. It allows a platform to invest from the comforts of their homes.

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