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Ultimate queries to ask Study Abroad Consultants Noida: P-I

Study Abroad Consultants Noida

Are you from the northern region of India and planning to study in foreign? If so, getting advice from study abroad consultants Noida is crucial; the experts will guide you. But if you are confused about the questions to ask when visiting the counsellor.

This article is here to solve that for you. Whether you are in the planning phase, application step, or execution stage of your journey, there are specific queries that you should ask the expert to clarify any doubts or concerns you may have. Being prepared with set questions for your abroad expert makes the process easy and handy. Yet, it shows your ambition towards your future goal.

So, as university needs, expectations, and chances may vary, here is a list of the top questions for you to ask your study abroad consultants in Noida.

Standard Questions to Ask

Here are some common or often asked questions students put forward to study abroad consultants Noida. These are the initial and critical queries you should ask experts. In this stage, you may consult an expert who will help and assist you in every aspect of your overseas study journey.

  1. When Should I Start Planning to Apply to Abroad Universities?

If you plan to study abroad the following fall at a college, you should begin preparing for at least one year ahead. Study abroad consultants Noida will help you with the time slot of filling out forms, so consult with the expert. While some institutes offer moving admissions, planning early for deadlines is better. Starting early will enable you to manage your finances, organize your time and prepare for exams. So, be sure to speak with your advisor about the form cutoff date for different institutes abroad so that you can plan more capably.

The process will depend on your chosen college, country, and intake. To embark on your academic journey abroad, you must conduct thorough research to decide on the perfect course, institute, destination, academic intake, entrance exams, and other eligibility criteria. Thus, the fall intake runs from September to December and is the most popular among global students.

  1. How Do I Decide on a Country to Study?

When choosing a country to study abroad, it might be possible that your chosen country does not suit your profile. But your study abroad consultants in Noida will assess you well in selecting a suitable nation that best fits your profile.

There is no ideal country type for you to study, meaning your academic and financial needs might open up other doors you have yet to consider.

Sometimes, you might have hardship choosing the most suitable country, but keeping a few things in mind can turn the tables. To make things easier, mark factors such as the quality of education, living expenses, and visa needs.

  1. What are the Qualifications Required To Study Abroad?

The entry essentials vary between colleges and countries, so check the details of your chosen university before submitting anything. Study abroad consultants Noida will also coach you with the needs of the college you have selected. The min. qualification needed to study overseas universities is clearing 12th grade. Every institution has its scholarly demands, so you must check them accordingly.

GPA is vital for abroad education; it should be between 2.5 and 4. For non-native English speakers wanting to study in English-speaking nations, you’ll likely need to prove your skills by taking a language test such as TOEFL or IELTS.

  1. What Kind of Students Are Foreign Universities Looking For?

The colleges look at some specific qualities in an aspirant applying to their institute:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Language Skills
  • Motivation and Goals
  • Work Experience

These are some of the skills institutions look for in a student. The colleges select candidates based on their academic merits, quality, and success.

  1. What Challenges Will I Face While Studying Abroad?

Students study in abroad find some issues while living in a different habitat. It takes them time to adjust, and almost everyone struggles to get habitual to the new world. But, students might consider the following as a struggle:

  • Culture Shock
  • Loneliness
  • Homesickness
  • Language Barrier
  • Housing
  • Feeling Left-out

The study abroad consultants Noida will direct you to adjust when you feel edgy in your frame. So, it gets easier to adjust to the new atmosphere with time.


As a student, moving to another country is a big decision. Many thoughts come into mind, and multiple doubts about study abroad pop up. But when you have the back of an expert, things start to fall in your favour. Study abroad consultants in Noida will answer all your queries and give all the info related to your overseas journey. This part discusses the usual questions to ask experts; the next part will have the application and finance-related queries that come to an aspirant’s mind.