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TOP 5 SCHEMES 2024 : Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund

TOP 5 SCHEMES 2024 : Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund

TOP 5 SCHEMES 2024 : Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund


Finding your way among the numerous investment options in the ever changing Indian financial sector can be very taxing. An appealing and adaptable investing option is the Mirae Asset Large-cap Fund. By allocating capital to opportunities brought about by unforeseen events, such as corporate limitations, modifications to laws and regulations, companies facing specific short-term problems, and other comparable circumstances, the plan’s primary goal is to produce long-term capital growth.

In contrast to mid-cap or small-cap funds, the goal of large-cap funds tends to be to offer investors a combination of financial appreciation and relative stability. This article explores the top best schemes of Mirae Asset Large-cap Mutual Fund, investing strategy and multiple risk barriers to investing.


  • Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund
  • Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip Fund
  • Mirae Asset ELSS Tax Saver Fund
  • Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund
  • Mirae Asset Mid-Cap Fund


Gaurav Mishra is the in-charge of the investments made into Mirae Asset Large-Cap mutual fund and with an experience of 14 years he has given an outstanding result for this large-cap category fund. He has played an important role in the overall performance of the company.

Moreover, Gaurav’s inclination towards companies with promising future growth reflects a forward-looking approach. Identifying companies with the potential for sustained growth is a key aspect of successful long-term investing. This could involve evaluating industry trends, assessing a company’s competitive advantages, and considering its ability to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.



  • The main focus of large-cap mutual funds, such as the Mirae Asset Large-Cap Fund, is to invest in the stocks of trustworthy, established companies with considerable market capitalizations. These companies have a track record of success and are usually considered more stable.


  • The fund manager will likely perform an in-depth fundamental study on possible investments. Finding companies with solid foundations involves evaluating a company’s financial statements, managing the potential, competitive stance, and development potential.


  • Usually, large-cap funds choose high-quality stocks. These are companies that have a track record of paying dividends, strong financials, and stable earnings growth. Generally speaking, quality equities are seen as less volatile and more durable during declines in Markets.


  • A carefully balanced portfolio provides investments across a variety of types of assets, businesses, and locations. Reducing the negative effect of a single investment’s low performance reduces the portfolio’s level of risk.


  • Sector allocation in a large-cap fund typically refers to how the fund manager distributes investments across various industry sectors within the equity market. The goal is often to achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio that can benefit from different economic cycles.
  • The Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund, the fund manager may strategically allocate assets to sectors such as information technology, finance, healthcare, consumer goods, and others based on their assessment of market conditions and growth prospects.


Although the Mirae Asset Large-Cap Fund has a proven track record of excellent performance, investors must understand any potential risks in investing in mutual funds. Here are a few important risk factors to think about:


  • Market volatility does not protect large-cap funds from it. The performance of the fund can be influenced by economic factors such as geopolitical developments, financial crises, and other factors that affect the stock market as a whole.
  • The managers of the Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund use active management techniques, such as sector allocation, stock selection, and risk diversification, to minimize market risks.


  • Changes in interest rates can influence the performance of large-cap funds. Rising interest rates may lead to lower stock prices, affecting the overall value of the fund’s portfolio.
  • Generally speaking, in comparison to fixed-income or bond funds, large-cap equity funds, such as those run by Mirae Asset, are less immediately affected by changes in the rate of interest.


  • Liquidity risk might arise when trading important stock positions in particular market conditions. This may affect the fund’s capacity to fulfil redemption requests and quickly rebalance the portfolio.


  • The performance of the fund may be negatively impacted by an absence or changes in the management team. Any major shifts in the fund’s leadership should be disclosed to investors to reduce any potential impact on strategy and decision-making.
  • Mostly, the managing person is way experienced and has a proper understanding of the financial market but even so the market is open to sudden unexpected changes which impacts the decision-making process difficult.


In conclusion, investors must acknowledge fund management changes as the success of the Mirae Asset Large-Cap Mutual Fund closely ties to its ability to manage market volatility and seize opportunities. In summary, Mirae Asset’s product is worth giving serious thought to if you’re looking for a large-cap investment option that focuses on capital growth over the long term to achieve your financial goals.

Additionally, we studied the best Mirae Asset large-cap funds for the investors to start their investment journey with. For any further help directly contact to our expert guidance provided by our website, SIP.