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IELTS Coaching in Udaipur | How to Score 8+ in IELTS?

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Every year, 3 million students across 140+ countries take the IELTS exam. It is one of the most popular and widely known tests worldwide. Thus, experts at IELTS coaching in Udaipur state that more than 8000 organizations have officially adopted the test as a method to determine language proficiency

The article is an ultimate guide for learners to master about the basics of an IELTS exam. In addition, it also helps pupils to know about some hacks to score 8+ band and allows scholars to understand the importance of the same. Thus, the writing discusses a few exam success strategies which aim to motivate students to strive for excellence.

IELTS Exam – Overview

The IELTS exam is built to test the language skills of people who dream of studying abroad. Experts at IELTS coaching in Udaipur state that students who do not belong to English-speaking countries choose the IELTS exam as their trusted path. Thus, the IELTS exam has three basic types: academic, general training and life skills. So, university scholars take the academic test, while the general training exam is for professional purposes, and the life skills test assesses language skills for visas or citizenship.

Here is the basic detail of the IELTS exam. Now, let’s understand the structure and syllabus for IELTS provided by study abroad consultants in Udaipur so that learners can get a clear idea of the same.

IELTS Structure

Education is the passport to the future because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Experts at IELTS coaching in Udaipur state that a student must score a band above 8 for several reasons, which makes it more critical. But before moving on to the importance and hacks to score an 8+ band, it is crucial to understand the structure and pattern of the same. So, let’s swoop in and know more in detail.

Paper Type Questions Time Given
Listening 40 Questions 30 Minutes- To listen to the audio

10 Minutes- To transfer answers

Reading 40 Questions 60 Minutes- To read and answer

(Transfer time is inclusive)

Writing 2 Writing Tasks 60 Minutes- To understand and write

(Transfer time is inclusive)

Speaking – Introduction

– Task Card

– Follow-up Questions

11-14 Minutes- To answer

Here is a detailed structure and pattern of the IELTS exam. Now, let’s discuss some hacks to score 8+ band in IELTS. In addition, for better understanding, IELTS coaching in Udaipur has explained these hacks section-wise so that students can know their strengths and weaknesses better

Hacks to Score 8+ Band in IELTS

Most students dream of getting the best IELTS score and studying in top-class universities, but only 4 out of 10 scholars can achieve this feat. The IELTS exam is a crucial gateway for many learners to plan their studies abroad and get closer to their dreams.

Thus, IELTS coaching in Udaipur states that to fulfil a student’s aspirations of studying abroad and scoring well in the IELTS exam, there are a lot of tricks and hacks they can use. So, let’s explore these tips for each section and learn more about them in detail.

Listening Section

In the listening section, students get 40 questions, which highly depends on the audio clip played for the learners by the examiner. To receive good scores in this section, consider these three crucial hacks.

  • Improving vocabulary through reading newspapers and magazines.
  • Students must enhance their concentration to refine their listening skills.
  • Paying proper attention to the flow of speech and signal words.

Reading Section

The reading section also consists of 40 questions in the IELTS exam. Matching, multiple-choice, True/False and sentence completion are all included in this section. Let’s discuss some useful hacks to ace this section.

  • Students must work on their reading speed because time management is critical.
  • One must learn to make full use of each keyword in questions to find answers.
  • Practise skimming and scanning to understand the gist of the paragraphs.
  • Always pay attention to grammar to answer questions properly.

Writing Section

The writing section of IELTS is critical and judged by a skilled examiner with a powerful hold on the English language. It is done to ensure that the exam is accurate and fair. Let’s discuss some helpful tips to score in the writing section.

  • Students should keep their answers short, simple and distinctive so that the examiner does not have to make an effort.
  • One of the crucial skills in the IELTS exam is to present the complete meaning of answers in fewer and more suitable words.
  • Expanding one’s vocabulary knowledge is critical if a person wants to score an 8+ band in the IELTS exam.

Speaking Section

Speaking test in the IELTS exam is the most realistic test because its goal is to judge how much a person can use English in day-to-day conversations. Let’s swoop into some hacks to ace the speaking test, as explained by IELTS coaching in Udaipur.

  • Never stress too much about the accent. Always try to speak in a clear and humble tone without needing to fake it.
  • Always speak confidently and without any hesitation. So, avoid using fillers; it creates a negative impression on the examiner.
  • Never speak monotonously like a robot. Use a variety of speaking styles in terms of voice modulation and tone. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind before applying to a foreign country by taking the IELTS exam. Now, let’s discuss why achieving a band score of 8 or higher is critical for students to get into their desired university.

8+ Band Score Importance

A good score in IELTS is critical for people who dream of pursuing their higher education or jobs in English-speaking countries. Thus, every university has essential language criteria that students must fulfil if they desire to study there. But the question remains- Why does the 8+ score hold immense importance?

Advisors at IELTS Coaching in Udaipur state three critical reasons why an 8+ score band is vital for a learner. So, let’s swoop in the reasons to learn about it in more detail.

Academic Advancement

A good score in the IELTS exam increases a student’s chance of getting admission to a famous university. Yet, when a learner applies for various programs, most universities view these scores as proof of language skills. Thus, these knacks become quite important when a scholar aims for a spot in the competitive global classrooms of the world. Experts like, study abroad consultants in Udaipur state that the IELTS scores are valid for two years, which allows pupils to make the most out of it.

Immigration Mandate

Do you know the IELTS score can increase a person’s chances of getting a permanent residence? How? The IELTS exam helps to boost the CRS score, which is like a key to unlocking the challenging gate or pathway of immigration. Thus, the higher the score, the more chances of opening potential doors for migration. Moreover, IELTS play a vital role in the professional setting of a person’s life. So, there are various industries which consider these scores highly and add weight to a person’s professional certifications.

Scholarship Opportunities

IELTS score is the gateway to many perks that a student can experience. Experts at IELTS coaching in Udaipur state that the higher the IELTS score, the door to more aids swings open. Moreover, these scores leave an indelible mark on a college and prove a learner’s academic excellence, which results in receiving more scholarships. Thus, each scholar must know that every university has their own set of needs and eligibility criteria for scholarships. So, it is wise to go through with it once applying for the same.

So, these are the three critical reasons which make an 8+ band score crucial for students. Now, let’s discuss some IELTS exam success strategies that can help scholars ace the exam with ease.

IELTS Exam Success Strategies

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Experts at IELTS coaching in Udaipur explain that results are secondary, but efforts are priceless. However, a student has to start and take that one step forward.

So, here are some strategies that will help scholars to succeed in the IELTS exam with flying colours.

Understand the Test Format

When a student understands the format and syllabus of the IELTS exam clearly, it allows them to perform effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it helps learners to craft plans and strategies which support them to succeed.

Using a Reliable Course

IELTS Coaching explains the importance of the study materials that a scholar prefers when they prepare for the exam. IELTS coaching in Udaipur states that one must always use a course which includes even the tiny facts and details.

Practice and Practice

The IELTS exam is language-based, and the more one practices it, the easier it gets. So, the only method a student can follow is regularly taking full-length tests in an actual test environment to help with the process.

Time Management

It is one of the most critical factors to consider when appearing for an IELTS exam is managing time. Each section carries its set time limit. Thus, a student needs to follow these time restrictions, so a learner must learn these skills first-hand.

Skills Enhancement

When a student appears for an IELTS exam, they should be well-versed with solid grammar and punctuation skills. Thus, it becomes easy to convey a learner’s ideas and improves the response abilities in other sections.

So, here are some strategies that a student should keep in mind before they start their study abroad journey. Thus, it will help learners to shine brighter and succeed amongst the crowd with flying colours.

Final Word

To conclude, study abroad consultants in Udaipur state that everything a person wants is on the other side of the fear. That is why one must create a unique path in life to lead successfully. However, students limit themselves to a box and get trapped in the old ways of learning

The article aims to give insight into the basics of the IELTS- an exam which is an important stepping stone for many learners. Through this writing, they can explore the hacks of cracking the exam. In addition, they can also understand the importance of scoring an 8+ band in the exam. Lastly, the writing discusses successful strategies to ace the IELTS exam, which can help learners achieve their dreams.