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How to Impress a Girl in first meeting for Marriage?

Couple first meet

Impressing a girl in the first meeting for marriage usually happens in an arranged marriage setup or if one is looking for a match through a Matrimonial site. We have heard, “The first impression is the last impression.” You have to make a good impression in front of the girl you are trying to impress. In order to impress a girl in the first meeting, you just have to inculcate some basic values in yourself.

Start your conversation by making her feel comfortable. Keep noticing if she is getting uncomfortable while talking about a certain topic. Do not directly get to the point of getting married or ask her about her views on marriage at this early stage of the conversation. This results in showcasing your eagerness, which, in negative terms, can be known as desperation. Start with small talks. Ask her about what she likes or dislikes or what she does in her free time. Try to know small details about her, and let her know the same about you.

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A good listener is someone who is attentive to the other person and engages in the conversation. Being a good listener is a positive trait in one’s personality. It shows that the other person is being considerate and trying to understand your viewpoint. Let her voice her own opinion on the matters of discussion, but do not turn it into a heated debate. If she is talking, then do not cut her in between. Be patient, let her complete what she is saying, and then put forward your point.

Respect her boundaries and do not go overboard with any topic. If she does not want to talk about a certain topic or does not want to answer certain questions related to her past, then do not force her to do so. Give her some time to become comfortable with you, and she will open up really soon. Do not try to invade her personal space. Be respectful of her and her beliefs. Compliment her for the way she carries herself, but do not exaggerate anything. Even if you are financially well off, do not show it off in front of her. Be humble, polite, and honest about everything.

Body language says a lot about an individual’s personality. Try to keep your body language as optimistic as possible. Do not make any narcissistic comments and ruin your chances of impressing a girl. Your manners and behavior towards others say a lot about who you actually are as a human being. Avoid any trait that gives you a bad look.

To impress a girl, you need to show your interest in what she is doing and what she wants to do. Have a talk about life goals, ambition, future plans, interests, and how she manages her social life. Show your interest in things that matter to her the most. Let her know that you are genuinely interested in her and want to proceed further with a matrimonial alliance. Let her know that you are always going to support her emotionally as well as morally if she ever needs to excel in her career.

Before getting into a matrimonial alliance, everyone has some expectations from their partner. Ask the girl about what she expects from her partner, and also tell her what you expect from your partner. It is really important to have a talk about expectations to avoid any post-marital disputes. Rather than indulging too much in the conversation regarding past relationships, talk more about the future. Talk about resolving issues or how you are going to manage your marital life.

There are many things that can be done to impress a girl in the first meeting for marriage, but highlighting the traits of being humble, supportive, honest, and respectful towards others stands out the most. Do not do anything over the limit and ruin your chances of impressing.