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How to Apply an F1 USA Study Visa Quickly? Know from Experts

USA study visa

As a student, if you desire to get admission to the best American colleges, you must get an F1 visa. Yes! You read that right. Different types of tickets allow you to enter the United States of America. But, if you are a study abroad aspirant and wish to grab a seat in the top US colleges, you must apply for an F1 visa. Thus, in this article, you will learn the gist of the USA study visa and the steps involved in its application. So, if you are eager to be admitted to the best American universities, you must read this complete article.

Also, you can get help from, a study abroad platform, to learn more about gaining admission to your favourite dream college before you start reading the steps required to apply for an F1 visa. It is a must for you to know about the descriptive meaning of this visa type in the United States of America.

What is an F1 USA Study Visa?

If you also think, why USA for study? Then there are multiple points to answer this question. But, before planning to study in the US, you must get an F1 visa. It is a type of student visa that is given to international scholars who wish to get an education in the top-notch colleges of the United States of America. This visa type includes levels from mid-level to university graduate students, including all types of degrees. It is the only visa type that can easily help you get admission to the best American colleges.

Now, when you get the brief gist about the F1 USA study visa, you must know the steps to apply for this visa. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the important steps to get an F1 study visa.

Steps to Apply for an F1 USA Study Visa

As a study abroad aspirant, if you wish to get admission to the best American colleges worldwide. You should apply for an F1 USA study visa. Thus, there are several steps included to apply for this visa type, which are written as follows:

1. Apply Your Admissions for the SEVP Institutions

SEVP, popularly known as the Student Exchange Visitor Program, has a list of colleges and universities that meet the requirements of international students. It is necessary to check whether SEVP accepts the college. If yes, you can proceed further to submit the documents required for admission. If the Student Exchange Visitor Program does not accept that college, you must not apply for admission to that particular college. So, it is concluded that if you want to get a US study visa, you must apply to grab a seat in those institutions which the SEVP accepts.

2. Try to Apply by Filling the DS-160 Form

When you try to get admission to the top American colleges, you must fill out the DS-160 form. It is right to say that you can only apply for a USA study visa if you fill out this visa form. In this form, you have the responsibility to fill the visa status. Also, you had to fill out the I-20 form before filling out this form. There is no doubt that filling out the I-20 form is necessary to fill the DS-160 form. So, if you want to enjoy your life on the best American campuses, then you must fill out this form. Only then you would be able to move forward in this application process.

3. Pay the Application Fees Required

If you are also one of those students who always thought, “Why USA for study?” then you can get clarity from this article. There are indeed several perks to getting admission to the best American universities. But, before that, you must get an F1 student visa. In the points mentioned above, you have read about some form details. Thus, now it is the time to pay the application fees required for your desired college. It is for sure that you cannot move ahead in this process without paying the amount of your application fees.

4. Give Payment for SEVIS 1-901 Fees

After paying your application fees, now is the time to spend money on other formality. Getting an F1 USA study visa is not just a long process, but it also requires a good amount. Therefore, after investing your funds in the application fees, you now have to give payment for SEVIS 1-901. Thus, when you apply for the SEVP institutions, the system automatically registers your profile in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Once you successfully register in this system, you must pay the SEVIS fee. If you wish to get an F1 study visa for the USA, it will cost you around $200.

5. Schedule Your Visa Interview

Once you finish all these formalities, you must schedule your visa interview with the counselling officers. So, almost half of this process gets completed after filing these forms. Then, you must fix your USA study visa interview with the counselling officers. Setting up this interview is a necessary step before you get your visa. Also, remember to schedule this interview quickly because there may be some delays due to the work of the US embassy. After scheduling this interview, you will get an appointment letter you may require later.

6. Submit All Required Documents

As a study abroad aspirant, you may feel excited to get entry into your dream campus in the United States of America. And that is why you must get a USA study visa. Undoubtedly, an F1 visa is the only opportunity to help you land in the United States. So, when you move forward in this process, you must also submit all the documents required for studying abroad. It is for sure that you must submit all the documents before sitting in the interview round. Thus, you should also remember one thing: your documents have to be original, and there must not be any invalid documents in the docket.

7. Mark Good Impression in the Interview

Finally, when you fulfil all the steps required for the application of an F1 study visa, now is the time to make a good impression in the interview round. This is the final step that can help you to get this visa in your hands quickly. So, if you eagerly want to get this visa, you must make a good impact on the officers to get your visa approved at one time. You can also get help from the visa consultants to prepare you for the final interview round.

Winding Up

Lastly, it is concluded that you must get an F1 visa to get admission to the top American universities. If you also thought, “Why USA for study?” well, there are many reasons to choose America as the finest study abroad destination. However, you must apply and get a student visa if you want to join your dream campus in the USA. In this article, you have read about the F1 visa type and the steps to apply for this visa. Thus, from the abovementioned points, you can get help to get this visa quickly. So, if you plan to get admission to the US colleges this year, this article can become a great piece of knowledge for you.