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City Trim: Mastering the Art of Automotive Trimming for Over 30 Years


A Legacy of Expertise and Craftsmanship

With a legacy that spans over 30 years, City Trim has become a trusted choice for automotive trimming needs. The company has honed its craft to perfection, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Over these years, City Trim has not only perfected the techniques of automotive trimming but has also innovated and adapted to the changing needs of the automotive industry.

The Evolution of Perfection

In the automotive world, trends and preferences evolve, and so does the need for perfect trimming. City Trim has evolved along with these trends, incorporating modern technologies and materials into their work. The dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in automotive trimming sets City Trim apart from the rest.

Tailored Solutions for Car Seats

Car seats play a pivotal role in the comfort and aesthetics of a vehicle’s interior. City Trim understands this importance and provides tailored solutions for car seats, whether they need repairs, reupholstering, or customizations. Their team of experts meticulously works on each seat, considering both functionality and design to enhance the overall driving experience. From vintage car seat restoration to modern seat enhancements, City Trim’s expertise covers a vast spectrum.

Crafting Excellence, One Seat at a Time

Each car seat serviced by City Trim is a canvas for their skilled craftsmen. They strive to achieve excellence, not just in the physical aspects of the seat, but in the feel and comfort it provides to the driver and passengers. Through their years of experience, they have gained an understanding of the ergonomics and design principles that make a car seat not only visually appealing but also ergonomically sound.

Protecting Your Vehicle with Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers not only protect your cargo but also enhance the appearance of your vehicle. City Trim offers comprehensive services related to tonneau covers, ensuring they are well-maintained, repaired, or replaced with high-quality materials for enhanced durability. Their attention to detail guarantees a cover that not only fits perfectly but also looks great.

The Art of Tonneau Cover Design

Designing the perfect tonneau cover requires an understanding of the vehicle, its purpose, and the preferences of the owner. City Trim excels in this aspect, with designers who work closely with clients to create tonneau covers that match their unique style while ensuring functionality and durability. It’s not just a cover; it’s a statement of your vehicle’s personality.

Roof Linings: Beauty Meets Functionality

Roof linings play a crucial role in the aesthetics and insulation of your vehicle. City Trim specializes in repairing and replacing roof linings, utilizing top-quality materials and precise craftsmanship. Their team ensures that the roof lining not only looks appealing but also provides the necessary functionality and longevity.

Crafting the Perfect Roof Lining

Craftsmanship meets creativity when it comes to roof linings at City Trim. The professionals meticulously choose materials that not only blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior but also offer excellent insulation and durability. Each roof lining is carefully installed, considering the vehicle’s structure and design, ensuring a snug fit that enhances the overall appeal of the car.


City Trim, with its 30 years of expertise in automotive trimming, has earned a stellar reputation in the industry. The dedication to perfection, commitment to craftsmanship, and customer-centric approach make them a preferred choice for car seat, tonneau cover, and roof lining solutions. Their legacy of excellence, combined with their innovative approach, positions them at the forefront of the automotive trimming industry. Visit City Trim to discover how City Trim can elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality through their automotive trimming expertise. Trust them to craft perfection, every time.